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Types of Meditation and Benefits - Summary [Infographic]

Sumary of Meditation : Meditation Types, Hindrances, Effects and Benefits
Infographic from Information is Beautiful
Meditation is Everywhere

Have you noticed that, recently, everywhere you turn, someone is talking about or recommending meditation?

Whether you need to lose weight, have some emotional or mental upset, or perhaps a medical condition, or want to make more money ... meditation is almost always now suggested as part of the process.

Meditation is everywhere.

But, what exactly, is meditation?

Types of Meditation

Just as with yoga, there are many types of meditation.

Although there are some basic "rules" or guidelines, like assuming the correct posture or practicing at certain times of the day, there really is no single or right way to meditate.

Some of the most popular types of meditation include:

Mindfulness Meditation
☯ Concentration Meditation
☯ Loving Kindness Meditation
☯ Attending Meditation
☯ Silent Gratitude Meditation
☯ Breath Meditation
☯ Silent Meditation
☯ Mantra Meditation
☯ Walking Meditation

Summary of Meditation

This infographic from Information is Beautiful summarizes certain key aspects of meditation including the effects and health benefits of meditation, qualities of mind that are thought to be developed as an outcome from a regular meditation practice, common hindrances, and the many types of meditation from several traditions, disciplines or schools including Buddhism, Zen Buddhism, Taoism, Dzogchen (Tibetan Buddhism), Sufism, Transcendental Meditation (TM) and Kundalini Yoga.

Infographic Source

Meditation Summary - Information is Beautiful


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Meditation Styles

Infographic: Meditation Styles

The health benefits of a meditating on a regular basis are numerous.

Meditation strengthens brain function by improving focus and concentration. It is also a completely natural, safe and painless means of relieving stress, anxiety and depression, lowering high blood pressure, aiding in weight loss, and reducing the risk of heart disease and other chronic medical conditions.

Just as there are many different styles of yoga, there are also different meditation techniques or methods. When first learning how to meditate, it is very helpful to focus on a particular technique or method.

This infographic illustrates and explains four popular meditation techniques:

❤ Zen Method
❤ Mindfulness Method
❤ Qigong Method
❤ Mantra Method

The Body on Meditation

Infographic Source:  Unknown - please contact us for credit.

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