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Infographic: 5 Colors of Phytonutrients

Phytonutrients (aka phytochemicals) are natural compounds or chemicals found in vegetables, fruits, beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, grains, tea and other plant foods.

Phytonutrients are thought to have powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, cellular repair, detox and cleansing, and other health-promoting and disease-preventing properties.

Although it is estimated that there are 25,000 to 40,000 phytonutrients, scientists have only recently started to study them.  Thus far, mounting research suggests that they may be very effective in preventing and treating a wide range of medical conditions, including heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

Many phytochemicals are concentrated in the pigment of fruits, vegetables and other plants and are what gives these foods their fabulous color.  This is where terms like "colors of health", "eat your colors" and "rainbow of health" come from.

Although the USDA now recommends that half (or 50%) of the new "Chose My Plate" should consist of fruits and vegetables, studies show that only a small percentage of Americans eat the daily recommended amount of plant-based foods and, hence, are not getting the valuable health benefits of phytonutrients nor essential vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber.

This infographic entitled "5 Colors of Phytonutrients", illustrates many of the foods containing important  phytonutrients and briefly describes their health benefits for each color group.

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 Infographic Source: Natural Healthy Concepts

Infographic: 15 Foods That Cleanse Liver

The liver performs many vital functions, including purifying the blood and cleansing the body of harmful chemicals and environmental toxins.  ► Your Amazing Liver

A properly functioning liver is not only essential to good health, but also plays a key role in weight loss and ideal weight maintenance.  In turn, maintaining a healthy weight, especially around the stomach (i.e., keeping belly fat at bay) is the first line of defense in the prevention of obesity, diabetes, arthritis, coronary heart disease, strokes, certain cancers and a variety of other chronic medical conditions.

There are many liver detoxification and cleansing products on the market.  However, it is thought that detoxifying the liver should be done on a regular, daily basis.  This can be accomplished by eating foods.

This infographic entitled "15 Foods that Cleanse Liver" lists some of the best foods that detoxify the liver (and in many cases, the kidneys and other organs as well).

Whenever possible, organic versions of these foods should be consumed, since conventionally grown fruits, vegetables, grains and spices are usually contaminated with harmful insecticides, herbicides and pesticides and are nutritionally inferior.    Know Your Food Labels - What Are You Eating?

More health information about these foods:
Green Tea

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Infogaphic Source:  Health, Fitness and Me

Infographic: Amazing Health Benefits of Bananas

Infographic: Amazing Benefits of Bananas
The banana is one of nature's healthiest original "fast foods".  Easy to pack and take on the go, it doesn't need any refrigeration or special utensils.  Just peel and eat.  It doesn't get any simpler (or better) than that!

Considered by many nutrition experts to be a superfood and a superfruit, bananas are rich in vitamins B6 and C, potassium, manganese, iron, pectin, dietary fiber and other important nutrients and are thought to confer many important health benefits  across various body systems.

Bananas are used both internally (digested) and topically in many natural cures and remedies applications for a wide variety of medical conditions.

This infographic illustrates but a few of those health benefits, including:

✔ Strengthening the body's circulatory system
✔ Overcoming depression and increasing happiness
✔ Restoring and normalizing regular bowel functions
✔ Improving mood and reducing PMS symptoms
✔ Stabilizing and regulating blood glucose levels
✔ Improving alertness
✔ Helping in smoking cessation
✔ Relieving anemia
✔ Providing energy

Bananas:  Properties and Health Benefits

Infographic Source:  Handy Health and Wellness Tips

Infographic: Organic Food Costs

Organic food has gotten the reputation of being costly and not affordable to individuals and families on a budget.  A quick survey of the produce department at the local supermarket would confirm this.   Organic versions of fruits and vegetables are slightly more expensive.  But, how does the cost of organic food in general compare to the cost of other types of foods on a pound per pound basis?

This infographic puts things into perspective by not only showing the cost per pound or gallon of some popular processed and junk food (like candy, soda and potato chips) but also by showing the hidden costs of consuming these types of foods (like farm subsidies, medical costs and pesticide clean-up).

The only comment I have with regard to this Infographic is that there is strong evidence that a whole food, plant-based diet (i.e., vegan) is healthier than a diet that includes meat and dairy.  However, for those individuals who choose not to exclude meat and/or dairy, the organic versions are the healthier option.

Recipes: Creamsicle Crush - Shaved Iced for Adults

Bon Appetit calls it a "Creamsicle Crush"  - I call it the perfect frozen dessert to enjoy on my own or serve to guests during the hot summer months.  An adult version of shaved ice, this recipe calls for orange juice, Grand Marnier Liqueur and vodka.

Photo:  Dina Middin
This simple, basic recipe leaves a lot of room for creativity, like adding small pieces of fresh or canned fruit, a squirt of Grenadine juice or sour cherry juice concentrate.  Served in a champagne saucer or other cocktail glass, it is both elegant and refreshing.  For the full recipe, go to

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