Infographics are great because they contain easy to understand data, charts, pictures, statistics and graphs.  A good infographic has the power to quickly convey a lot of information relating to a particular subject, issue or matter, saving readers a ton of time!  The following is a list of infographics that are contained in this Blog about diet and nutrition, exercise and fitness, health and disease, vegan and vegetarian food and lifestyle, healing foods, herbs and spices and just about anything else that relates to permanent weight loss and becoming healthier!

Diets, Dieting and Weight Loss
  1. Compare 21 Popular Diets
  2. How Can You Burn Your Stored Fat?
  3. Weight Loss Success Tips and Strategies
  4. 10 Tips for Guaranteed Weight Loss
  5. 5 Proven Ways to Lose Weight and Keep It Off
  6. Weight Loss - 8 Secret Weapon Foods
  7. 7 Best Foods for Rapid Weight Loss
  8. 15 Fat Burning Foods
  9. Drink Your Way to Weight Loss
  10. How Dehydration is Making You Fat and Sick
  11. Water:  Do You Need 8 Glasses a Day?
  12. Why You Need Water in Your Life
  13. How Women are Dying to be Thin
  14. Weight Loss 101 - What's in a Pound?
  15. Raw Food Pyramid
  16. Garcinia Cambogia vs. Green Coffee Bean Extract
  17. The Cabbage Soup Diet
  18. hCG Weight Loss - Rapid and Long Lasting
  19. Decoding Diets - Which One is Right for You?
  20. Fat Burning:  Eat (Real) Fat
The Microbiome and Gut Health
  1. FAQ:  The Human Microbiome
  2. How Gut Bacteria Affect the Brain and the Body
  3. Probiotics and Good Gut Health
  4. Inflammation and Gut Health - Why It Matters
Food and Nutrition, Generally
  1. Six Food Based Medicines That May Save Your Life
  2. 15 Foods to Include in an Every Day Diet
  3. Top 15 Anti-Inflammatory Foods
  4. Top 15 Nutrient Rich Foods (Powerhouse Foods)
  5. 15 Foods that Boost Metabolism
  6. 12 Healthy Reasons to Eat Fruit
  7. 25 Common Fruits and Their Health Benefits
  8. 8 Produce Picks for Better Blood Pressure
  9. Top 17 Power Foods for Heart Health
  10. 15 Healthy High-Fiber Foods
  11. 50 Plant-Based Protein Sources
  12. A Guide to Antioxidant Rich Foods
  13. Chart of Vitamin Rich Foods
  14. Health Nutrients for Better Health
  15. Heart-Healthy Foods
  16. The Benefits of Going Green
  17. Low Calorie, High Fiber Summer Fruits and Veggies
  18. A Guide to Summer Food
  19. A Guide to Winter Food
  20. SuperFood Salad:  Best Ingredients
  21. How to Build a Super Healthy Salad
  22. 7 Superfoods to Power Up Your Life
  23. Root Veggies 101
  24. Health Benefits of Root Vegetables
  25. Organic Food Costs
  26. Clean Food Labels
  27. Clean Eating Grocery List (Infographic)
  28. 10 Foods You Should Never Eat Again
  29. Negative Calorie Food List
  30. Alkaline and Acidic Foods
  31. Top 7 Alkaline Foods
  32. Top 6 Alkaline Foods
  33. Alkaline Minerals and Foods
  34. 15 Foods that Cleanse Liver
  35. Diet and Lifestyle for Healthy Eyes
  36. Health Benefits of Fat
  37. Healthy Oils Part I
  38. Oils to Avoid and Oil Essentials
  39. The Benefits of Vegetable Oil
  40. Healthy Fats:  Cooking and Storing
  41. Ranking of Common Cooking Fats
  42. Fish Oil vs. Krill Oil
  43. Best Omega-3 Foods
  44. Sea Salt vs. Table Salt
  45. Growing and Eating Microgreens
Macro and Micronutrients:  Vitamins, Minerals ....
  1. Periodic Table of Vitamins
  2. Craving This ... Means You're Missing This ...
  3. 10 Daily Nutrients
  4. Supplements vs. Food Visual Guide
  5. Guide to Optimizing Vitamin and Supplements
  6. Vitamin B-17 - Best Food Sources
  7. Top 10 Healthy Foods Rich in Vitamin C
  8. Top 25 Vitamin E Rich Foods
  9. Magnesium - The Super Mineral
  10. Are You Magnesium Deficient?  (How to Find Out)
  11. Zinc Deficiency and Daily RDA
  12. 5 Colors of Phytonutrients (Phytochemicals)
  13. Are Carbs Healthier Than We Thought?  The Latest on Carbs
Healing Herbs and Spices
  1. Herb Body Map
  2. Healing Herbs and Spices
  3. Herbs and Spices Rich in Antioxidants
  4. 10 Herbs that Heal
  5. Top 10 Spices with Health Benefits
  6. 5 Cancer Fighting Spices (and Herbs)
  7. Reduce Widespread Inflammation with These Foods
  8. 6 Anti-Inflammatory Herbs
  9. Six Super Spices
  10. Spices for Weight Loss
  11. 5 Herbs Your Liver Will Love
  12. A Woman's Healing Herbs
  13. Indian Spices
  14. Health Benefits of Ginger
  15. How to Use Cinnamon Sticks
  16. The Turmeric Miracle
Healing and Super Foods
  1. Top 10 Superfoods for Exceptional Health
  2. Superfoods for Weight Loss and Health
  3. Aloe Vera Health Benefits
  4. Mother Nature's Pop Science Guide to Apples
  5. Health Benefits of Apples
  6. Why Eat the Ugly Apple?
  7. How to Remove Toxic Apple Wax
  8. Avocado Oil Health Benefits
  9. Amazing Health Benefits of Bananas
  10. Bananas: Properties and Health Benefits
  11. Better Health with Beets
  12. 10 Broccoli Health Benefits
  13. Benefits of Chia
  14. Chia Seeds - An Ounce for Ounce Comparison
  15. Blueberries, a Handful of Health
  16. Health Benefits of Broccoli
  17. A Chili Pepper a Day Keeps the Doctor Away
  18. Amazing Health Benefits of Coconut Water
  19. Health Benefits of Coconut Oil
  20. Coconut Oil and Health
  21. Health Benefits of Cabbage
  22. Chia Seeds vs. Flax Seeds
  23. Dandelion Anti-Cancer and Anti-Inflammatory Properties
  24. Top 10 Flax Seed Health Benefits
  25. Garlic Medicinal Properties Uses
  26. Garlic Health Benefits
  27. Goji Berries Health Benefits
  28. Lemon Medicinal Properties Uses
  29. Health Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water
  30. All About the Fabulous Mango
  31. Health Benefits of Mangosteen
  32. Nuts: Health and Weight Loss Benefits (Nuts about Nuts)
  33. Onion Medicinal Properties and Uses
  34. Oranges Health Benefits, Facts and Recipes
  35. The Potato Unpeeled: Nutrition and Health Benefits
  36. Swiss Chard Health Benefits
  37. Health Benefits of Seeds (Natural Remedies)
  38. Health Benefits of Seeds (Optimal Health)
  39. Health Benefits of Medicinal Teas
  40. Health Benefits of Teas and Tisanes
  41. 7 Healing Herbal Teas
  42. 15 Herbal Teas for Health and Every Ailment
  43. Tea: How to Choose and Brew the Perfect Cup
  44. 11 Reasons to Drink Green Tea
Fitness and Exercise
  1. Physical Activity Pyramid
  2. Love Your Booty!
  3. Lean Legs, Tight Tush
  4. Love Your Legs!
  5. Love Your Abs!
  6. Slim Your Waist!
  7. Exercise Ball Chart
  8. 12 Mental Benefits of Exercise
  9. The Happiness Effect - How Exercise Makes You Happy
Cleanse and Detox

  1. Is Your Diet Toxic?
  2. Why Should You Detoxify and Cleanse Your Body?
  3. How to Naturally Cleanse Your Body
  4. Whole Body Cleansing and Detoxification
  5. 15 Foods That Naturally Detox and Cleanse the Body
  6. How to do a Juice Cleanse the Right Way
  7. Top Foods that Chelate the Body of Heavy Metals
  8. Colon Cleansing Foods
  9. The Benefits of a Sauna Detox
  10. Spring Detox Health Tips

Yoga and Meditation:

  1. Find Your Yoga
  2. The Health Benefits of Yoga
  3. 26 Amazing Benefits of Yoga
  4. What is Yoga?
  5. Eight Limbs of Yoga
  6. Yoga Starter - What's Your Style?
  7. Redefine the Role of Yoga
  8. How Yoga Transforms Your Body
  9. 6 Yoga Office Moves
  10. Best Restorative Yoga Poses to Relieve Stress
  11. Yoga: Strike a Pose
  12. What is Mindfulness Meditation?
  13. 15 Minute Mindfulness Techniques for Stress Reduction
  14. The Body on Meditation
  15. A Skeptic's Guide to Meditation
  16. Meditation Styles
  17. Meditation in 12 Steps
  18. 5 Minute Meditation
  19. Breathing for Health
  20. Mindful Eating
  21. The Mindful Eating Marathon - 26.2 Tips

Sleep, Stress and Relaxation
  1. 17 Science-Backed Sleeping Hacks to Boost Health
  2. The Best Supplements to Boost Energy and Fight Fatigue
  3. How Sleep Aids in Natural Weights Loss - Ghrelin, Leptin and Melatonin
  4. How Much Sleep Do We Really Need?
  5. Restore Your Natural Sleep Cycle with Meditation
Ayurveda and Chakras
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