How Hormones Affect Weight Loss and Gain [Infographic]

How Hormones Can Affect Weight Loss
Infographic from U Weight Loss Clinics

Its Complicated

Calories in vs. calories out does matter but, unfortunately, when it comes to weight loss, weight gain or healthy weight maintenance, its often much more complicated than only how many calories are consumed versus how many calories are burned over a given period of time.

As any person (who has tried to lose weight and then keep it off) knows, many factors come into play - including:

   Health Status
   Level of Physical Activity
   Food Quality (Whole or Processed)
   Macronutrient Ratio (Protein, Carbs, Fats)
   Type of Diet (Low Fat, High Fat, Raw, Vegan, Paleo, FODMAP, etc.)
   Micronutrient Density
   Low / High Glycemic Index / Load Foods
   Meal Timing

This is just a partial list of the many factors that can affect how easy or difficult it is for a person to store fat and gain or lose weight as well as regain lost weight.

Hormones and Body Weight

When considering body weight and fat storage or fat loss, it is helpful to understand the role that certain hormones play in the metabolism of the food we eat.

Whenever we eat anything, it triggers, among other things, a hormonal response.  Many hormones are involved in the regulation of body weight, including fat storage or loss.

This infographic briefly covers the following four hormones and their impact on weight gain or weight loss:

­čôî  Insulin 
­čôî  Glucagon
­čôî  Cortisol
­čôî  Thyroid Hormones

Other key hormones that play a role in metabolism, fat storage and body weight regulation are:

­čôî  Leptin
­čôî  Ghrelin
­čôî  Growth Hormone
­čôî  Adiponectin


This infographic from U Weight Loss Clinics.  To see a large version of this infographic and for more information on hormones, dieting and weight loss, please visit  How Hormones Can Affect Weight Loss - U Weight Loss Clinics.


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