17 Reasons to Avoid Stress [Infographic]

Stress and Health | 17 Reasons to Avoid Stress
Infographic from The Adrenal Fatigue Solution
Stress and Health

Chronic stress has been linked to many chronic diseases and medical conditions including cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, eating disorders, systemic and local infections, colds and viruses.  It is also implicated in accidents, mental and emotional disorders and disturbances such as depression and anxiety.


This infographic from The Adrenal Fatigue Solution, lists 17 health problems that researchers have linked to stress and provides the citations to the relevant studies:

­čôî Headaches
­čôî Hair Loss
­čôî Memory
­čôî Acne / Psoriasis
­čôî Insomnia
­čôî Heart Attacks
­čôî (Worsens) Asthma
­čôî Sugar and Fat Cravings
­čôî Digestion
­čôî Belly Fat
­čôî Back Pain
­čôî Sex Drive
­čôî Blood Pressure
­čôî Adrenal Fatigue
­čôî Blood Glucose (Sugar)
­čôî (Premature) Aging
­čôî Immune System

For more information and to see the full sized version of this infographic, please visit 17 Reasons to Avoid Stress: An Infographic.

Managing Stress

In our fast-paced society with so many demands on our time, it is not possible to completely avoid stress.

However, there are a number of things we can do to manage and minimize stress:

­čö╣ Exercise / Physical Activity
­čö╣ Meditation
­čö╣ Mindfulness - 15 Techniques for Stress Reduction
­čö╣Yoga - Poses for Stress Relief
­čö╣ Deep Breathing Exercise
­čö╣ Laughter
­čö╣ Massage
­čö╣ Aromatherapy

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