Amazing Water Remedies [Infographic]

Amazing Water Remedies Infographic from The Indian Spot
Curative Effects of Water

Clean water, in and of itself, has amazing curative effects.  It has been proposed that persistent dehydration is a factor leading to the development of chronic disease and medical conditions including premature aging, obesity and weight gain.

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Water Remedies

You can greatly enhance the curative effects of water by adding or infusing it certain grains, fruits, herbs, spices and flowers.

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This infographic from The Indian Spot illustrates and briefly describes some of the health benefits of eight water remedies:

💦 Rice Water
💦 Lemon Water
💦 Fennel Water
💦 Ginger Water
💦 Mint Water
💦 Rose Water
💦Cucumber Water
💦 Honey Water

To learn more about each of these water remedies, including DIY at home instructions on how to make them (recipes), please visit Amazing Water Remedies - The Indian Spot.


To stay properly hydrated, this infographic also offers some excellent tips. Related: Why Dehydration Makes You Fat and Sick · Daily Water Intake Table
Water is in and around every cell and we absolutely need it - not just to survive - but we need adequate hydration to thrive. Chronic dehydration has been linked ...
Re-hydration of the body ✿ Increased mental clarity ✿ Restored healthy sleep patterns ✿ Improved immune function ✿ Improved digestion ✿ Nourished and ...
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