13 Yoga Poses for Stress Relief [Infographic]

13 Simple Calming Yoga Poses for Stress Relief
Infographic from Health Perch

Stress and Health

Feeling stressed, nervous, anxious, uptight?

You are not alone!  According to the latest estimates, stress-related issues account for 75-90% of all visits to primary care physicians in the United States.

Chronic stress is thought to be at the heart of and a leading factor in many chronic diseases and medical conditions, accidents, mental and emotional disorders and disturbances.

Three Types of Stress

Stress is often described as acute, episodic or chronic.  Acute stress is suffered briefly. Episodic stress is acute stress that is suffered too frequently.  Chronic stress is suffered for a prolong period of time, day in and day out, for months or years on end.

To learn more about the three types of stress, visit Stress: The Different Kinds of Stress (American Psychological Association).

Stress has also been defined and categorized and defined in several other ways.  For example, generally accepted categories of stress include psychological (mental), emotional, physical, nutritional and toxic stress.

Yoga's Effects on Stress

Yoga, as well as meditation, has been studied for its role in improving the signs and symptoms of stress and anxiety.

A significantly decrease in symptoms of stress and/or anxiety have been noted in 25 out of 35 trials in which a yoga regimen was implemented.  [Effects of Yoga on Anxiety and Stress]

Individuals who have a regular yoga practice report many physical, mental and emotional benefits of yoga - including reducing and releasing stress, balancing emotions and having a calming effect on the mind and body.


This infographic from Health Perch illustrates 13 simple yoga poses that are thought to have a calming and stress relieving effect.  For each pose, the infographic includes instructions and how that particular pose calms.

To view a large version of the infographic and learn more, please visit Calming Yoga Poses for Stress Relief (Health Perch).


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