Essential Oils for Women's Health [Infographic]

Essential Oils for Women's Health
Infographic from Proverbial Homemaker

Essential Oils for Health and Healing

We have historical records and other evidence indicating that essentials oils have been used by various cultures in natural health and healing therapies and remedies for thousands of years.

More recently, the bioactive compounds of various essential oils have been the subject of numerous scientific studies.

Today, many holistic healing practitioners are using essential oils to help their clients address a wide range of acute and chronic medical conditions including hormone balance, respiratory system health, and intestinal or digestive system health.

Women's Health

Although many essential oils generally have a wide application, certain oils and essences are particularly associated with women's health and wellness.

Now, more than ever, with all the constant exposure to environmental toxins and the stress of daily life, women of all ages need to be mindful of their health.

Essential oils provide just one of many natural paths to maintaining or regaining health and vitality.

Essential Oils for Women

In this lovely infographic from the Proverbial Homemaker, 14 essential oils have been identified and illustrated as being associated with women's health.   For each essential oil listed, the infographic includes a brief description of how that particular oil is used as a natural remedy.


To see a larger version of this infographic, read the article and for more information, advise and tips on essential oils please visit Essential Oils for Women's Health - Proverbial Homemaker.


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