Weight Loss Success Tips and Strategies [Infographic]

Weight Loss Success - Common Mistakes,
Things to Avoid, Tips and Strategies
Infographic from Fitness Republic

Not Getting The Weight Loss Results You Want?

If you are dieting and exercising to lose weight and still not getting the results you want, it could be that you are making some simple mistakes.

Although counting calories and regular workouts go a long way toward achieving weight loss goals, there are other components that go into successful and long lasting weight loss.

Why You Are Not Losing Weight

Every body is different and weight loss can be affected by many variables, including heredity, age, sex, hormone balance, stress levels, sleep, adequate micronutrient intake, as well as health and medical conditions.

In addition to these factors, there are some common mistakes that dieters often make which include:

eating back all of the expended (burned) calories
not being sufficiently hydrated
not getting enough sleep
not eating enough dietary fiber
underestimating portion size
doing only cardio


This infographic entitled "Weight Loss Success" from Fitness Republic examines the many reasons why we don't lose weight, including common mistakes, and things we do that should be avoided.

The infographic also includes the most important lifestyle changes, tips and strategies for successfully losing weight and keeping it off.  These include:

 Using a combination of proper diet and exercise
✔ Types and duration of exercise
✔ Adequate sleep and recovery
✔ Eating whole foods, avoiding process and junk foods
✔ Portion control or calorie counting
✔ Cutting back on added sugar and artificial sweeteners
✔ Drinking enough water
✔ Eating the right post-workout snacks
✔ Snacking smartly
✔ Walking
✔ Planning and goal setting

Infographic source, to view a large version of this infographic and for lots more good information on healthy and sustainable weight loss, please visit:  The Weight Loss Success - Fitness Republic.


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