On Being Vegan ... Health Benefits of Veganism [Infographic]

On Being Vegan ... Health Benefits of Veganism
Why a Vegan Diet?

Surveys show that people go vegan for primarily one or more of three reasons:  health (including weight loss), environment and animal rights.

What is a Vegan Diet?

A vegan diet is a diet that is entirely plant-based.  It does not include any foods made from or by animals including meat, poultry, fish, eggs and dairy.  Many vegans also choose not to eat honey.

Health Benefits of Veganism

Vegan diets have been used by prominent physicians to prevent, treat and even reverse certain chronic diseases including obesity, diabetes and coronary heart disease.

Mounting research suggests that individuals who eat a whole food, plant-based diet have a lower risk for many chronic diseases, including cancer.

Veganism and Weight Loss

Generally, vegans eating a whole food diet tend to be lean, strong and energetic.  Many world-class bodybuilders, physique models and endurance athletes are vegans.

Beauty Benefits of Veganism

Many vegans report no or reduced body odor and bad breath, stronger nails, and naturally healthier skin and nails.

This translates into not having to use toxic self-care and cosmetic products like deodorants, antiperspirant and mouthwash.


This infographic entitled "Health Benefits of Veganism" illustrates some of the key ways that a vegan diet is thought to benefit health.


Some people go vegan without first doing their research.  Being a successful and healthy vegan means having a basic understanding of nutrition.  There are abundant free resources online providing education on plant-based eating, nutrition, recipes, etc.

That said,a vegan diet may not be for everyone.  The same, however, is also true for other diets in which one or more food groups is restricted or eliminated.

Before adopting any diet, it is important to do some research and. if indicated, consult with a qualified healthcare provider.


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Infographic source unknown.  If you are the author of this infographic, please contact us so we can give proper credit.  Thank you!

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