Periodic Table of Vitamins [Infographic]

Periodic Table of Vitamins - Infographic from Daily Burn
Periodic Table of Vitamins

Vitamins.  Minerals.

We know that micronutrients are essential to the proper functioning of the human body and that deficiencies are implicated in a variety of illnesses, chronic diseases and medical conditions.


This infographic from Daily Burn is an excellent, easy at-a-glance guide to essential micronutrients.  Color coding specifies whether the nutrient is most beneficial or associated with immunity, heart health, beauty (skin, hair, nail health), mental health, general body and all body organs and systems.

There is also a key for food categories in which each micronutrient can be found.

  1. 10 Daily Nutrients
  2. Supplements vs. Food Visual Guide
  3. Guide to Optimizing Vitamin and Supplements
  4. Colors of Phytonutrients (Phytochemicals)

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