How Can You Burn Your Stored Fat? [Infographic]

How Can You Burn Your Stored Fat?
The Facts on Weight Gain, Fat Loss, and
Energy Use for the Calories we Consume
Infographic from Lean Strong Body
Don't Diet; Burn the Fat Instead

The days of dieting to lose body weight are a relic of the past.  Fad and other diets that promise fast or easy weight loss that's reflected by a number on the scale are out.  Why?

Because many of these diet plans and programs don't take into consideration what you actually lose.

Water, fat, muscle gain and loss are all reflected in the scale number.  Quick weight loss schemes often cause loss of lean body mass, along with water weight and fat.

The experts tell us that lean body mass, or muscle, is what drives your metabolism.  More muscle generally means a higher metabolic rate, and more calorie and fat burning, even at rest.

Benefits Maintaining or Increasing Lean Muscle Mass

A greater efficiency in fat and calorie burning are not the only benefits of lean muscle mass.  It is well accepted muscles also improve balance, sleep, mental health, help regulate and control blood sugar, and increase strength.

But there's more.  According to an article, "The Underappreciated Role of Muscle in Health and Disease", published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition:

" ... muscle plays a central role in whole-body protein metabolism, which is particularly important in the response to stress. Furthermore, abundant evidence points to a key role of altered muscle metabolism in the genesis, and therefore prevention, of many common pathologic conditions and chronic diseases."

The article goes on to discuss muscle protein in whole-body metabolism, muscle and the acute response to critical illness, the role of muscle in chronic disease, obesity and muscle, muscle in insulin resistance and diabetes, muscle and osteoporosis, and solutions to muscle loss.

All of these benefits translate into a healthier, happier, more active lifestyle and a reduced risk of injuries.

With such convincing evidence for maintaining and increasing lean muscles, the focus of any weight loss program should be on burning the fat while maintaining or increasing muscle mass.

The Infographic

In order to assess to be able to properly assess whether a potential diet or weight loss program will preserve muscle while burning fat, its important to understand how food and calories are processed in the body.

This infographic entitled "How Food and Calories are Processed in the Body: The Facts on Weight Gain, Fat Loss, and Energy Use ..." from helps us to do just that.

And not only that.  The infographic also covers topics that are essential to solving the fat burning puzzle, including:

 The macronutrient sources of stored energy
✔ What happens in the body when we eat
✔ How can we burn our stored fat
✔ Exercise including strength (resistance) training and cardio

For a full-size version of the infographic, and more information on fat loss, visit How Food and Calories are Processed in the Body - Lean Strong Body.

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