Skeptic's Guide to Meditation [Infographic]

The Skeptic's Guide to Meditation
Infographic from Happify
Today, meditation is everywhere!

☯ Want to lose weight?  Meditate!
☯ Want to make more money?  Meditate!
☯ Want to overcome fears and phobias?  Meditate!

Meditation seems to be the answer for anything and everything.

Just go on any health, wellness, diet and exercise, spiritual or self-improvement website and you will soon discover that meditation and mindfulness is part of the program.

While meditation alone will probably not get you that bikini body or a brand new car, meditation and mindfulness practices have been extensively studied and shown to provide health benefits on many levels.

In spite of the science, however, many people are still skeptical.  If you are in the skeptic's camp, this infographic just might change your mind (and your life!)

This infographic entitled "The Skeptic's Guide to Meditation" was created by Happify Daily and Dan Harris, ABC News anchor and the author of 10% Happier.

The infographic illustrates and summarizes:

☯ The 4 Biggest Misconceptions About Meditation
☯ The Science of Meditation
☯ Why Mindfulness Matters
☯ The Basics of Meditation (Meditation 101)

For more information, to view a large image of the infographic or to buy it as a poster, go to Happify Daily - The Skeptic's Guide to Meditation.


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