How Much Sleep Do We Really Need? [Infographic]

How Much Sleep Do We Really Need?
Infographic from the National Sleep Foundation
Sleep is an essential component of good physical, mental and emotional health.

Yet, every night millions of people struggle with either falling asleep, staying asleep, or both.  Chronic insomnia and even brief periods of sleep deficiency has been linked to fatigue, poor memory, lack of energy and a host of illnesses.

It is also thought that lack of adequate, restorative sleep has a direct impact on weight gain - specifically the accumulation of visceral or belly fat.  It is also believed that being short on sleep impedes weight loss efforts.

Any weight loss expert will tell you that in order to lose or maintain a healthy weight, you need to get enough sleep.

But how much is enough sleep?  

There are some general guidelines based on age but individual sleep needs can vary because there is also a genetic component.

This infographic entitled How Much Sleep Do We Really Need? from the National Sleep Foundation illustrates and briefly explains:

✔ The average sleep needs for different age groups
✔ How sleep needs are also individual
✔ A few, key benefits of sleep
✔ Tips for better sleep

For more in-depth information on sleep health, including sleep recommendations, needs and debt, circadian rhythm, and sleep hygiene visit National Sleep Foundation - How Much Sleep Do We Really Need?  


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