Health Benefits of Body Fat [Infographic]

Health Benefits of Body Fat - 6 Ways Fat Can Help You
Infographic by Everyday Health
Historically, and until relatively recently in human evolution, fat was prized.  It was considered the richest, best and most valuable part of an animal.  In some religions, it was so precious that it was used spiritually.

Being plump was celebrated in many cultures throughout the world because it was a sign of wealth, success and abundance.

During the past 100 years, attitudes in the West have changed dramatically about fat and what being overweight signifies.  In modern times, fats have been vilified and the ideal has become slenderness.

While we now believe (based on the latest research) that obesity and excess belly fat increases the risk for certain chronic disease and cancer, we are also reminded that fat is one of six essential nutrients and performs critical functions in the body - as this infographic illustrates.

Infographic source:  6 Ways Body Fat Can Help You - Surprising Benefits of Body Fat - Everyday Health

Key Functions of Fat in the Body

✔ It provides stores of concentrated energy for muscles, tissues and metabolism
✔ It absorbs, stores and helps the body use fat-soluble vitamins and antioxidants
✔ It protects and cushions vital organs and bones
✔ It helps to maintain proper body temperature
✔ It aids in the regulation of the menstrual cycle

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