7 Most Alkaline Foods [Infographic]

7 Most Alkaline Foods - Infographic
Found on RawAyurveda.com
Many health professionals agree:  keeping your body slightly alkaline has an array of health benefits and can even aid in weight loss.  Generally, drinking plenty of clean water, and eating plenty of leafy greens and a wide range of organic vegetables - while limiting processed, junk and fast foods, can help keep your body alkaline.

This infographic entitled "7 Most Alkaline Foods" spotlights the following foods that are at the top of the alkalinity list:

  Bell Pepper

In addition to promoting alkalinity in the body, these foods are also powerhouses of other very important nutrients - vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals that are thought to be essential to optimal health.

The infographic lists the nutritional content of each of these foods and provides a short description of its health benefits.

Infographic source/found on RawAyurveda.com.

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