Home Remedies for Common Ailments [Infographic]

Effective Home Remedies and DIY Recipes for Common
Ailments - Infographic from KnowledgeWeightsNothing.com
Many natural medicine experts tell us that the body has an incredible capacity to heal itself if it is given the chance.

Research is advancing into the potential powerful healing compounds found in certain foods, such as herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables.  These healing compounds are thought to help promote healing as opposed to simply temporarily alleviating or masking symptoms - which is often the case with OTC or prescription pharmaceuticals.

Additionally, in the absence of an allergy or intolerance found in certain individuals, natural compounds consumed in whole foods are rarely associated with any of the side effects that so common with man-made drugs.

This infographic from Knowledge Weighs Nothing entitled "Home Remedy Infographic for Common Ailments" illustrates, describes and sets forth simple DIY recipes for home remedies for 10 of the most common ailments including:

Check mark symbol Acne
Check mark symbol Earache
Check mark symbol Toothache
Check mark symbol Dandruff
Check mark symbol Sore Throat
Check mark symbol Indigestion
Check mark symbol Constipation
Check mark symbol Cough
Check mark symbol Common Cold
Check mark symbol Headache

Infographic source and for more information about health, fitness, home remedies and self-sufficiency, please visit:

Effective Home Remedies for Common Ailments - Knowledge Weighs Nothing.

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