Heart Healthy Foods [Infographic]

Heart Healthy Foods - Foods High in Antioxidants and Dietary Fiber
Infographic from SunWarrior.com
From SunWarrior News, the source of this excellent infographic:

"These fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds are more than just good sources of vitamins and minerals. They are also low in calories, rich in dietary fiber, full of antioxidants, low in saturated fat, and naturally cholesterol free. The antioxidants in plant-based foods keep free radicals from damaging the blood vessels and the heart. Antioxidants also keep cholesterol and blood platelets from becoming sticky, preventing dangerous clots that can lead to heart attacks and strokes."

To read more and learn more about each of these heart healthy foods, please visit Heart Healthy Foods to Keep Your Ticker Beating Strong - SunWarrior News.

❤  Acorn Squash
❤  Almonds
❤  Asparagus
❤  Avocado
❤  Beans
❤  Broccoli
❤  Brown Rice
❤  Cantaloupe
❤  Carrots
❤  Chia
❤  Dark Chocolate
❤  Grapes
❤  Oatmeal
❤  Oranges
❤  Papaya
❤  Red Bell Pepper
❤  Spinach
❤  Sweet Potato
❤  Tomatoes
❤  Walnuts

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