Best Supplements to Fight Fatigue [Infographic]

Get More Energy:  The Best Supplements to Fight Fatigue
Infographic from the Greatist
Fatigue is a common complaint in today's highly stressed living environment.  Fatigue is often seen, listed or experienced as a symptom of a medical condition or chronic disease.

Many wellness "experts" recommend various supplements to help boot energy levels and combat the effects of fatigue.

You might be tempted to try one or all of them.  But, before running out and spending a fortune on supplements, it is wise to first identify the root cause of your fatigue.

Are you tired from lack of sleep? From too much exercise?  From stress?  Or is your tiredness a symptom of a health or medical condition?

This infographic entitled "The Best Supplements to Stop Feeling So Tired" from the Greatist illustrates and summarizes supplements that are most often recommended by holistic health practitioners for three common root causes of fatigue.

Before taking any supplements, however, it is always strongly advised and recommended to seek the advise of a qualified healthcare professional, particularly if you suspect or have already been diagnosed with a medical condition, are pregnant, lactating or are otherwise at risk for a health condition.

Additionally, holistic and integrative health practitioners almost always recommend that, to the extent possible, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients should be derived from whole-food sources.

The Greatist article accompanying this infographic lists some food sources of these supplements as well as providing additional information for each one.  To read the article, to to:  Get More Energy: The Best Supplements to Fight Fatigue (Greatist)

Supplements vs. Food (Visual Guide)
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