Root Veggies 101 [Infographic]

Root Veggies 101:  Appearance, Health Benefits, Preparation
and Cooking, Storage and Taste - Infographic from
From regarding Root Vegetables:

"These often under-unappreciated vegetables have recently been gaining in popularity for both home cooks and star chefs because of their incredible nutritional value, exceptional taste, low calorie count, and reasonable prices. 

According to the USDA Nutritional Nutrient Database, these nutritional storehouses are great sources of vitamins (A, B and C) and many essential minerals. 

Because they are easy to store and widely available in fall and winter when other vegetables are scarce and more expensive, simple-to-prepare and deeply flavorful root vegetables make a perfect choice for a vegetable addition to your menu planning.  Since most root vegetables can be prepared in a variety of different ways they are considered some of the world’s most versatile vegetables."

This infographic entitled "Root Veggies 101" illustrates and briefly explains the appearance, health benefits, seasonality, common preparation methods, storage and taste of seven root vegetables, namely carrots, leeks, parsnips, potatoes, rutabagas, sweet potatoes, and turnips.  To see a larger version of the infographic and read the full article, visit the infographic and article source, - Root Veggies 101.

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