25 Common Fruits and Their Health Benefits [Infographic]

25 Common Fruits and Their Health Benefits
Infographic from Graphs.net
Various health organizations, integrative medicine doctors, nutritionists and holistic wellness practitioners recommend that we eat 5 to 9 services of fruits and vegetables daily.  For simplicity sake, 1/2 cup is generally considered a serving, but this depends on the type of fruit or vegetable eaten.

Of these 5 to 9 daily servings, many health professionals generally recommend that we consume 2 servings of fruit and the remaining servings should be vegetables.  This recommendation will vary from individual to individual depending on the person's health status (including the presence of any disease or condition such as diabetes or Candida overgrowth) and the type of fruit eaten, as fruits vary in their fructose content.

This infographic entitled "Most Commonly Eaten 25 Healthy Fruits and Their Health Benefits" from Graphs.net illustrates 25 common fruits that are generally available in most supermarkets and provides a summary of their main health benefits and disease fighting or risk lowering properties.

✿ Apple
✿ Avocado
✿ Banana
✿ Blackberry
✿ Blueberry
✿ Cantaloupe
✿ Cherry
✿ Cranberry
✿ Fig (Dried)
✿ Goji Berry
✿ Black Grapes
✿ Grapefruit (Pink)
✿ Kiwi Fruit
✿ Mango
✿ Orange
✿ Papaya
✿ Peach
✿ Pear
✿ Pineapple
✿ Pomegranate
✿ Prune
✿ Raspberry
✿ Strawberry
✿ Tomato
✿ Watermelon

Infographic source and to view a full-size version of this infographic, visit:  Graphs.net - Most Commonly Eaten 25 Healthy Fruits and their Health Benefits.

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