10 Health Foods You Should Never Eat [Infographic]

10 Health Foods You Should Never Eat - Infographic from Dr. Josh Axe
Which foods to eat for health and weight loss? Which foods to avoid and never eat?

There are as many recommendations as there are health and wellness "experts".

Even among medical doctors and registered dietitians and certified nutritionists, i.e., people with top credentials, opinions as to what should be included and excluded in a healthy diet vary - oftentimes significantly.

There are, however, a few foods and beverages that most integrative and holistic health professionals agree on as being particularly unhealthy primarily because of the way they are grown, raised, processed or prepared for consumption.

Modern,  large-scale farming includes growing GMO crops and the use of copious amounts of antibiotics, hormones, pesticides and other chemicals, additives and preservatives that are known or suspected to be toxic.

Modern food processing techniques and practices often denature food. Foodt hat starts out being healthy ends up stripped of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients.

The foods to avoid and why are briefly illustrated and explained in this infographic entitled "10 Health Foods You Should Never Eat" from Dr. Josh Axe.  We recommend reading Dr. Axe's article for more information and details about why each of these foods should be excluded from a healthy diet.

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