Tea: Choose and Brew the Perfect Cup [Infographic]

Tea: How to Choose and Brew the Perfect Cup [Infographic]
The scientific studies suggesting positive health benefits of consuming various teas just keep pouring in.

Drinking tea has been linked to everything from free radical and fat oxidation (e.g., weight and belly fat loss), to detoxification of the liver, kidneys and other body systems, to lowering the risk of many medical disorders and chronic diseases including certain cancer, obesity and diabetes.

With so many teas now available on the market and because each type of tea has its own characteristics, it can be difficult and confusing to figure out how to choose and brew each type of tea to maximize its health benefit potential.

This is why we love this infographic entitled "Choose and Brew the Perfect Cup" which beautifully illustrates the flavor profile, caffeine content, steeping temperature and brewing time for the following eight types of popular teas:

✿ Black Tea
✿ White Tea
✿ Green Tea
✿ Herbal Tea
✿ Oolong Tea
✿ Pu'erh Tea
✿ Yerba Mate Tea
✿ Rooibos

For the best results, always use filtered water, select organic whenever possible, check for freshness, and purchase your tea from reputable sources.

Infographic source:  unknown, please contact us for proper credit.

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