Compare 21 Popular Diets [Guide, Infographic]

With so many diets around these days, it gets a bit confusing.  This infographic, entitled "A Minimalist Guide to Diet" from wonderfully illustrates and summarizes the key components of the 21 most popular diets.  It may help you to compare and contrast the key concepts of each diet plan in order to identify which eating approach may be most suitable to you, based on your goals (e.g., health, weight loss or both), personal food preferences and other lifestyle factors.

  1. Paleo
  2. The 5:2 Diet
  3. Dukan Diet
  4. Atkins
  5. Acid-Alkaline
  6. Cambridge Weight Plan
  7. Southbeach
  8. Slimming World
  9. Slim Fast
  10. Lighterlife
  11. Weight Watchers
  12. Rosemary Conley Diet
  13. Fodmap
  14. Ketogenic
  15. Weston A. Price
  16. Whole30 Program
  17. Autoimmune Protocol
  18. Specific Carbohydrate
  19. Vegan
  20. Vegetarian
  21. Mediterranean

Scroll down to see all 21 diet core concepts, macronutrients, key foods, how it works, etc.

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