15 Foods To Naturally Detox and Cleanse the Body [Infographic]

15 Foods That Naturally Detox and Cleanse the Body Infographic from Body Unburdened
Various diet programs have different approaches to weight and fat loss.  But, the one thing that many leading diets recommend is to detox and cleanse - before beginning and to kick-start a weight loss diet, as well as part of a regular optimal health maintenance routine.

Many health professionals recommend undertaking a cleanse 2-4 times a year, with the change of seasons. This is also a common practice in ancient holistic health approaches, such as Ayurveda.

The main purpose of detoxing and cleansing the body is to remove environmental toxins that we ingest from food and water, absorb through the skin and breathe in and that build up in our bodies over time including preservatives, pesticides, heavy metals, industrial waste, and other cancer and disease causing chemicals and pollutants.  Lessening the body's toxic load is thought to confer many health benefits, including aiding in weight and fat loss.

Although many commercial detox and cleanse products are available for purchase, most detoxification specialists agree that the safest and best detox should be achieved through consumption of certain foods that are known to have cleansing properties.  Some of the best detox foods are organic (and preferably locally-grown or sourced and seasonal) vegetables, fruits, herbs, spices and other plant foods.

This infographic from Body Unburdened entitled "15 Foods That Naturally Detox and Cleanse the Body" illustrates and explains the detoxing and cleansing effects of fifteen plant foods, including:

✿  Turnip Greens
✿  Red Bell Peppers
✿  Citrus Fruits
✿  Mung Beans
✿  Walnuts
✿  Sunflower Seeds
✿  Watercress
✿  Turmeric
✿  Whole grains
✿  Artichokes
✿  Lentils
✿  Garlic
✿  Broccoli
✿  Grapefruit
✿  Cucumber

Infographic source and for more in-depth information about these recommended detox foods as well as general information about natural detoxification, health and beauty, please visit Body Unburdened - 15 Foods that Naturally Detox and Cleanse the Body.

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