Top 25 Vitamin E Rich Foods [Infographic]

Top 25 Vitamin E Rich Foods
Infographic from
Vitamin E is an essential vitamin and, together with Vitamin A and Vitamin C, is one of the three powerful antioxidants that we need in order to be healthy.   Although Vitamin E is commonly most associated with beautiful, healthy skin - it actually plays an important role throughout the body and its various organs, systems and functions.

Being an "essential" nutrient, our bodies cannot make Vitamin E and we must get it from dietary sources, i.e., foods.  Although supplements are widely available, many nutritionists and healthcare professionals advise obtaining our nutrients from food whenever possible.  It is thought that various nutrients present in food work together synergistically and that this synergy promotes the body's ability to absorb and utilize the various nutrients.

This infographic from entitled "Top 25 Vitamin E Rich Foods" illustrates and briefly describes which foods are excellent sources of natural Vitamin E:

 Raw Seeds
 Swiss Chard
 Mustard Greens
 Plant Oils
 Turnip Greens
 Pine Nuts
 Taro Root
 Dried Apricots
 Red Bell Peppers
 Dried Herbs
 Peanut Butter
 Red Chili Peppers

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