15 Healthy High-Fiber Foods [Infographic]

15 Healthy High-Fiber Foods Infographic from Gourmandia.net
Recent and ongoing research suggests that getting an adequate amount of dietary fiber on a daily basis is important to overall health.

It is also thought to be one of the keys to successful weight loss or healthy weight maintenance because fiber makes you feel full and satisfied.
Feelings of satiation, in turn, cause you to eat less.

Fiber is also linked to many other health benefits.  For more information how fiber is essential for a healthy diet, go to:  Mayo Clinic, Healthy Lifestyle, Nutrition and Healthy Eating, Dietary Fiber.

As with other important nutrients, it is generally advised that dietary fiber be obtained from food, rather than supplements.

This infographic from Gourmandia.net entitled "15 Healthy High-Fiber Foods That Make You Feel Full and Satisfied" illustrates some of the foods that are the highest in fiber:

✿  Hummus
✿  Almonds
✿  Raspberries
✿  Carrots
✿  Apples
✿  Pears
✿ Avocado
✿ Barley
✿ Dark Leafy Greens
✿ Brussels Sprouts
✿ Raw Seeds (Chia, Flaxmeal)
✿ Broccoli
✿ Peas
✿ Artichoke

Infographic source and for other terrific health and food related infographics and information, go to:
Gourmandia.net - Infographic Files.

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