Diet and Lifestyle for Eye Health [Infographic]

Diet and Lifestyle for Healthy Eyes
Infographic from Ultralase
When you make healthy food and other lifestyle choices, you can expect your general health status to improve, have more energy, and lose or maintain weight.  But diet and lifestyle affect every organ and body process.  In the field of nutrigenomics, experts believe that the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients found in certain foods have a profound effect our epigenome.

This infographic entitled "Love Your Eyes" illustrates and provides some key facts and tips to inspire you keep your amazing human eyes healthy and protect your eyesight.  These tips include:

❤ Eating a healthy diet of foods that are high in Vitamin A and Beta Carotene, Vitamin C and Bioflavonoids, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Zinc, Selenium, Omega-3 fatty acids and other micronutrients.

As an example, excellent vegetable sources of Vitamin A and Beta Carotene include:

✿ Carrots
✿ Cabbage
✿ Watercress
✿ Squash
✿ Sweet Potatoes
✿ Melons
✿ Pumpkin
✿ Tomatoes
✿ Broccoli
✿ Apricots
✿ Papaya
✿ Mangoes

The body does not generate Lutein (a powerful antioxidant) so its necessary to obtain it from our diet. Fortunately, many fruits and vegetables contain Lutein.  Some of the best sources are:

✿ Leafy Green Vegetables
✿ Cabbage
✿ Spinach
✿ Broccoli
✿ Cauliflower
✿ Kale

For more information regarding nutrition and eye health, visit All About Vision - Nutrition and Vitamins for Your Eyes and American Optometric Association - Diet and Nutrition.

❤ Avoiding excessive alcohol consumption and smoking.

❤ Protecting your eyes from the sun, never looking at the sun directly.

❤ Exercising on a regular basis - choose exercise levels and duration appropriate to your level of conditioning.


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Infographic source and more information on eyesight and eye health:  Ultralase
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