A Guide to Summer Food [Infographic]

A Guide to Summer Food - Infographic from HealthCentral.com
Summer is fast approaching and if you are striving to eat a healthy, whole food diet, you are also striving to eat seasonally and, if at all possible, "clean", organic and locally grown or sourced, food.

This infographic entitled A Guide to Summer Food from Health Central beautifully illustrates some healthy summer seasonal foods:  fruits and vegetables that are highly nutritious, providing the body with an array of naturally-occurring essential vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, bioactive compounds, dietary fiber and other nutrients needed for achieving and maintaining optimal health, including weight loss and proper weight maintenance.

The summer foods covered in this infographic are:

❤ Cucumber
❤ Summer Squash
❤ Tomatoes
❤ Cherries (Red, White, Yellow)
❤ Melons
❤ Strawberries
❤ Peaches

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Infographic source and more information about health, diet, nutrition, exercise and fitness:  Health Central - A Guide to Summer Food.
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