How Inflammation Affects the Body [Infographic]

How Inflammation Affects the Body - 
Infographic from Holistic Health Journal
Inflammation and Chronic Diseases

Recent and ongoing studies demonstrate that inflammation plays a role in many medical conditions and chronic diseases.

Some health experts believe it may be at the root of practically all chronic health conditions - as this infographic entitled "How Inflammation Affects the Body" from Holistic Health Journal illustrates and explains.

Accelerated Aging, Fatigue, and Weight Gain

Inflammation has also been linked to accelerated aging, fatigue, fluid retention, weight gain and obesity.

According to Dr. Stephen Sinatra, reducing inflammation is the secret to weight loss.  Dr. Sinatra recommends naturally reducing inflammation and losing weight by eating certain foods in abundance and often (like leafy greens and other colorful vegetables, lentils, berries, garlic and chili peppers) while limiting or avoiding certain other foods (like organ meats, veal, high-fat dairy, farmed fish, refined flours and sugar, margarine, and shortening, fatty and fried foods).  Read Dr. Sinatra's blog post for more information on the connection between inflammation and weight gain.

Chronic stress has also been linked to inflammation, aging and weight gain.  Other than a diet high in fruits and vegetables, another excellent way to naturally reduce inflammation is to learn to manage stress levels.  Some of the most effective stress management activities include regular exercise, yoga, meditation and other relaxation techniques.


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