7 Superfoods to Power Up Your Life [Infographic]

Eat for Health:  7 Superb Superfoods to Power Up Your Life
Infographic from Mercola.com
What, exactly, is a superfood?

In nutrition circles, superfoods are defined as a class of foods that are the most nutrient dense and best health promoting foods found in nature.

These tremendously beneficial foods are exceptionally high in a wide range of important micronutrients including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytochemicals (phytonutrients).

Generally, in order to be classified as a superfood, a particular food must have at least twelve or more unique health benefiting properties.

Many "common" superfoods can be found in the produce department of most supermarkets or, better yet, at a local farmer's market.  These "common" superfoods include:

✿ Broccoli
✿ Brussels Sprouts
✿ Kale

Less common, "exotic" superfoods can generally be found at specialty health and natural food stores and include:

✿ Acai Berry
✿ Chlorella
✿ Spirulina

Naturally, it is always best to purchase organic, locally or sustainably grown produce whenever possible.

This infographic entitled 7 Superb Superfoods to Power Up Your Life from Mercola.com illustrates and explains the nutritional makeup of seven common and exotic superfoods.  It also lists some of the health benefits associated with each superfood.

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Infographic source and more information about superfoods, health and wellness guides and interesting infographics, visit Mercola.com - 7 Superb Superfoods to Power Up Your Life
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