15 Herbal Teas for Health and Every Ailment [Infographic]

15 Herbal Teas for Health and Every Ailment
Infographic from Hello Natural

Undoubtedly, you've heard about the many great health benefits of drinking green tea.

Green tea is even touted for weight loss. Although everyone has a different experience, my own experiment with green tea resulted in a small amount of weight loss - without any other changes in my diet or exercise and without any other extra effort. I simply replaced the morning coffee with a cup of green tea and drank 2-3 more cups of green tea throughout the day.

In my view, green tea is not the magic bullet for losing weight, but it really seems to help.

But green tea is not the only tea with promising (and, according to some sources, proven) health and healing benefits.

This infographic entitled "15 Herbal Teas for Every Ailment" from Hello Natural illustrates healthful teas and describes some properties and conditions that each is thought to have and treat:

❤ Green Tea
❤ Black Tea
❤ Oolong Tea
❤ White Tea
❤ Rooibos
❤ Peppermint
❤ Dried Ginger
❤ Stinging Nettle
❤ Yerba Mate
❤ Lemon Balm
❤ Chamomile
❤ Hibiscus
❤ Red Clover
❤ Dandelion
❤ Cinnamon

Infographic source and more information regarding the health benefits of tea:  Hello Natural - The Health Benefits of Tea + 15 Teas for Any Ailment.

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