Chia Seed Ounce Per Ounce Comparison [Infographic}

Chia Seed Ounce Per Ounce Comparison
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In the health and wellness community, chia seeds are regarded as a superfood because it is a nutrient dense food that delivers a good amount of quality, plant-based protein, is very high in dietary fiber, is an excellent source of  healthy Omega-3 essential fatty acids, and is packed with other important vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and nutrients.

For those trying to lose weight, chia seeds are considered by many weight loss experts to be a perfect diet food because of their high dietary fiber and healthy fatty acid content - many experts now believe that consuming adequate amounts healthy fats, especially Omega-3, aids in weight loss.

Unlike flaxseeds, there is no need to grind chia seeds before eating them.  They are easy to incorporate into meals.  For example, they are a great way to add protein and essential fats to your morning green smoothie. They can be added to a variety of dishes including soups, stews, salads, rice, beans, and desserts.

This infographic entitled Chia Seed Ounce Per Ounce Comparison highlights some of key nutrients in chia seeds and how an ounce of chia seeds compares to an ounce of another food for that particular nutrient.  Its really nice to see that the author of this infographic chose comparison foods that are generally known to be rich in the particular nutrient being compared.  

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Kitchen Kneads - Chia Seeds:  A Super Food!

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