SuperFood Salad: Best Ingredients [Infographic]

Superfood Salad:  Best Ingredients
Infographic from One Green Planet
There are salads and then there are superfood salads.

In a superfood salad, every ingredient is selected for its unique nutrient profile, taking into consideration things like macronutrients, micronutrients, caloric density and other important factors.  Together, the carefully selected ingredients that make up the superfood salad deliver a balanced dose of healthy protein and fats, complex carbohydrates, dietary fiber, and an array of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals.

This infographic entitled "The Best Ingredients for a Superfood Salad" illustrates one example of a really great combination of fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs, raw nuts and spices, that make up a super nutritious salad.  Each of the ingredients is considered a superfood:

Black Pepper
Red Bell Pepper
Lemon Juice
Artichoke Hearts
Leafy Greens

For more information on creating a healthy superfood salad, nutrition and specific superfoods, visit One Green Planet - the creator of this infographic.

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