Mindful Eating Tips [Infographic]

Mindful Eating Tips [Infographic]
According to Dr. Jan Chozen Bays, author of Mindful Eating: A Guide to Rediscovering a Healthy and Joyful Relationship with Food, the art of mindfulness and mindful eating can transform our struggles with food, helping us to address various eating disorders and food issues, as well as the consequences of such eating disorders, including obesity and being overweight (or underweight).

Mindful eating is not a diet but a concept and an experience, a way of thinking and feeling about and a way of being with our food, including how we choose, prepare and eat it.

The concept of mindful eating arises from the more general practice of mindfulness.  Mindfulness is defined as the moment to moment awareness of thoughts, feelings and events of both your inner world (thoughts, feelings and sensations occurring in your mind, body and heart) as well as events occurring in your outer environment.

Thus, mindful eating is about being in the "present" with your food - about deliberately paying attention and engaging all of the senses - including the tastes, smells, thoughts and feelings that arise during a meal.

This infographic illustrates seven tips that can help foster a positive environment in which to engage in mindful eating:

☯ Always sit down at a table to eat
☯ Before sitting, clear any clutter from the table
☯ Set a place for yourself, even if you are eating alone
☯ Use tableware and utensils that appeal to you
☯ Take a moment to adjust the lighting so it feels pleasant to you
☯ Consider playing some soft, relaxing music
☯ Minimize multitasking while eating (i.e., do not eat while watching TV, on the phone, reading, etc.)

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