Healing Food For Your Chakras [Infographic]

Healing Food for Your Chakras - Infographic from
Chakras are the subtle energy centers in the body.  Although there are hundreds of chakras in the body, seven are considered the major or most important ones.  Each of these seven chakras is associated with certain attributes including the area of the body governed, physical dysfunctions, as well as mental, emotional and spiritual issues. Each chakra is also associated with particular flower essences, gemstones or crystals, colors and vibrational frequency.

In Ayurveda, an ancient healing and life science, it is thought that when a chakra becomes blocked or imbalanced, the energy flow in the body is disrupted.  This disruption may then lead to a variety of illnesses and diseases, and overall diminished health.  Over the centuries, many methods have been developed to heal, balance and clear blocked chakras - including yoga, meditation and visualization practices, aromatherapy, gemstone, color and sound therapy.

In addition to these therapies, one other way to balance and clear a blocked chakra is to nourish it with foods that are in alignment with the color, vibration and other characteristics of that chakra.

This infographic from Dahn Yoga & Tai Chi illustrates some of the foods that nurture each of the chakras:

☯ Root Chakra - red foods, root vegetables, protein-rich foods and spices
☯ Sacral Chakra - orange foods, sweet fruits and vegetables, raw honey, nuts and spices
☯ Solar Plexus Chakra - yellow foods, granola, grains, dairy, spices
☯ Heart Chakra - green, rose and pink foods, leafy green vegetables, liquids, spices
☯ Throat Chakra - sapphire and light blue, aquamarine and turquoise foods, tart and tangy fruits, sea plants, spices
☯ Third-Eye Chakra - purple, purple-red foods, dark bluish colored fruits, blueberries, purple grapes, chocolate, liquids, spices
☯ Crown Chakra - white, lavender, violet, pastel colors, feed and purify the body, mind and spirit with pure, organic food, clean air and sunlight.

For more information and tips on the principles of energy yoga, meditation and nutrition, visit DhanYoga.com.

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