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With so many yoga styles out there to choose from these days, how do you find the style that best suits your personality, interests, abilities, fitness level, preferences and goals?

Or maybe you've been practicing one type of yoga for a long time, want to explore other styles to mix it up, keep it interesting and target different fitness goals.

This excellent infographic entitled "Find Your Yoga" can help you to identify the yoga style that best suits your temperament, current fitness preferences and goals:

Gym Addict
Power Yoga - if you're into weight training
Hot Yoga - if you are a cardio junkie
Vini Yoga - if you want to prevent injury
Vinyasa Flow - if you love to dance

Outdoor Enthusiast
Iyengar - If you are into cycling
Ashtanga - If you love to hike
☯ Kundalini - If you enjoy walking
Birkam - If you are into sports

Thrill Seeker
☯Hatha - If you are into rock climbing

☯Aerial - If you enjoy acrobatics
☯Yin - If you love skiing 

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