Building Blocks for Healthy Eating

Building Blocks for Healthy Eating Source:  ACA Council on Nutrition
This poster / infographic is from the ACA Council on Nutrition. The Council recognizes the importance of nutrition as an adjunct in the practice of chiropractic. It has set as its primary goal, the continuing education of the chiropractic physician as it relates to clinical nutrition.

For an in-depth explanation of the Building Blocks for Healthy Eating recommendation, including a comparison to the USDA food pyramid and citations to references, go to:

Back To Our Ancestor's Diet- A Healthy Move by Ken Edwards, DC, DACBN, CCN, William J. Rice, DC, DACBN, CCN, FACCN.

The New American Plate for Weight Loss
Raw Food Pyramid
Vegetarian and Vegan Food Pyramid
Dr. Joel Fuhrman's Nutritarian™ Food Pyramid

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