Losing Weight with DietBet - Bet to Lose!

Lose Weight with DietBet -
Social Dieting That Works!
I had never heard of DietBet until I read an article on CNN Health about a 34 year old woman who lost 140 pounds by betting she would lose weight on a social dieting site called DietBet.  Although I almost always have only the last 10-15 pounds to lose, I decided to check it out.  As many of us know, the last 10-15 pounds are the most annoying, most stubborn and hardest to lose.

How It Works.

Watch this two minute video to find out how the 28 Day "Kickstarter" DietBet4 and 6 Month "Transformer" DietBet10 work.  For the complete game rules, additional details and information, visit the DietBet Knowledge Base.

DietBet - The Most Fun You'll Ever Have Losing Weight from DietBet on Vimeo.

My Experience.

My first DietBet4 game was created by Jillian's Rippedin30 Challenge.  I bet $30.00, lost seven pounds and won $53.00.  This particular game drew over 8,700 players because it had a celebrity host, the best-selling author, television personality and one of the leading health, fitness and wellness experts, Jillian Michaels.

Since I recovered my $30.00 bet and even made another $23.00 in my first game, I was motivated to join a second game which was the Blogilates ah-MAY-zing Dietbet.  This was another celebrity hosted game, created by Cassey Ho, a certified fitness instructor, creator of POP Pilates and blogger.  This game also had a $30.00 bet and over 3,200 players.  This time, I lost another 6 pounds and won $49.00 - i.e., recovered the $30.00 and "made" $19.00.

I felt like I was on a roll now so at the conclusion of my second game, I immediately joined a third game, FFTFC's (Fat to Fit Chick) Summer Diet Bet.  This game was hosted by Tanee, a blogger, a work-at-home mom of three children who lost 200 pounds.  It was a $25.00 bet with over 1,000 players.  I did not do so well in this game, in fact I was a "runner-up" meaning I did not lose the required amount and lost my $25.00 bet.

What happened, why didn't I win my third game?  First of all, I joined the game late.  It had already been in progress for about 10 days.  Secondly, I went on vacation during the time that remained in the game.  Unfortunately, the remote area where I vacationed hardly had any healthy eateries - the choices were limited to fast food and a few family-style diners.  Thirdly, I only had less than five pounds to lose ... but these were the last, the most stubborn and most difficult.  It would have required a big commitment to disciplined eating and exercising for the entire 28 days of the game to get those last pounds off.

Where am I with my weight now exactly one month later?  Unfortunately, I've already gained bank about seven of the total 13 pounds I lost.  Fortunately, I still remain about six pounds lighter and $17.00 richer than before my DietBet adventure.

Will I play again?  You BET (yes, pun intended!) ... BUT only if I enter the game at the beginning and don't plan on going off to vacation during that time!

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