12 Mental Benefits of Exercise [Infographic]

12 Mental Benefits of Exercise - Infographic
Need some motivation to workout regularly ... or at least more frequently?

Exercise isn't just great for the body and physical health - most of us are aware that exercise builds lean muscles mass, strong bones, a flexible spine and hamstrings, and aids in weight loss including the dreaded belly and back fat.

But maybe we don't realize how working out on a regular basis (and in some cases, just a single session) confers very important mental and emotional health benefits.

In fact, according to research, regular exercise (together with regular meditation) is strongly associated with healthy brain function and has been implicated in preventing certain chronic diseases like Alzheimer's.

This infographic very nicely summarizes twelve mental benefits of exercising regularly:

❤ Elevates Mood
❤ Releases Tension
❤ Builds Confidence
❤ Increases Pain Tolerance
❤ Improves Brain Capacity
❤ Improves Character
❤ Develops Self-Discipline
❤ Aids in Substance Addiction Recovery
❤ Combats Depression
❤ Reduces Anxiety
❤ Produces a Natural High
Improves Concentration

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Infographic source and more information at Tread Mill Reviews - Mental Benefits of Exercise.
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