12 Healthy Reasons to Eat Fruit [Infographic]

12 Healthy Reasons to Eat Fruit
Need a few more good reasons to eat a variety of fresh fruit?

Aside from being rich in naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, organic fruit has an abundance of phytochemicals - phytonutrients that are being studied and strongly linked to preventing and healing a wide array of medical conditions and chronic diseases.

This infographic illustrates 12 excellent fruit choices, including health benefits associated with each one:

❤ Apples
❤ Bananas
❤ Blueberries
❤ Cherries
❤ Grapes
❤ Kiwi
❤ Mango
❤ Oranges
❤ Peaches
❤ Pineapple
❤ Strawberries
❤ Watermelon

Remember to buy organic whenever possible!  Organically grown fruits and vegetables are more nutrient dense and have far fewer harmful pesticides and other toxic substances than conventionally grown produce.

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Infographic Source:  unknown - please contact us for proper credit.
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