Weight Loss - 8 Secret Weapon Foods [Infographic]

Weight Loss - 8 Secret Weapon Foods [Infographic]
Every year, Americans spend billions of dollars on weight loss products.

These include the latest fad diets with severe calorie restrictions, unnatural food combinations, supplements, injections, exercise equipment and programs of every type and description.  Most, if not all, promise quick and painless significant weight loss.  And, while many people do have some initial success following the latest dieting trend, nearly everyone gains the weight back.

More recently, functional medicine physicians, nutritionist and other holistic health experts are suggesting that successful and long-term weight loss is as simple as eating healthy, natural whole foods.

That is, foods that are naturally low in fats and calories, that are nutritious and appetite satisfying, and contain dietary fiber.

This infographic entitled "8 Secret Weapon Foods for Weight Loss" illustrates some of these foods including:

✿  Mushrooms
✿  Apples
✿  Eggs
✿  Soups
✿ Hot Chili Peppers
✿ Oatmeal
✿  Bran Cereal
✿ Low Calorie Desserts

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Infographic Source:  Unknown - please contact us for credit
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