Weight Loss - 5 Proven Ways to Lose Weight and Keep it Off [Infographic]

5 Proven Ways to Lose Weight and Keep It Off
Infographic by EatoHealth.com
 Dieting in the U.S. is at an all time low, according to data compiled and released by The NPD Group, a leading global information company that has been tracking Americans' eating habits for nearly 30 years.

Currently, only about 20% of American adults report that they are on a weight loss diet, as compared to the 31% who reported being on a diet in 1991.

According to The NPD Group, their data suggests that dieters are giving up on diets more quickly than in the past.  Their data also suggests that while Americans still want to lose weight, they are changing their attitudes about being overweight.  That is, fewer Americans are viewing being overweight as unattractive.

The waning interest in dieting might also be attributed to confusion about weight loss foods, programs and strategies brought about by so much conflicting information and claims.

Also, many of the most popular fad diets are very extreme, leaving out entire food groups and/or severely restricting intake of calories. Good examples of these are Atkins, Raw Vegan Food, and the HCG Diet.

For the majority of people, these types of diets are too difficult to follow and maintain over the long-term.  Additionally, the effectiveness and even safety of some of these diet plans has been the subject of much controversy.

So, its easy to see why Americans are getting tired of following a specific diet program or not buying into the latest weight loss craze.

The good news is that its very possible to lose weight and maintain that weight loss by making some relatively simple lifestyle changes.

This infographic illustrates five common weight loss challenges and provides solutions, tips and information for each.  They are:

1.  Limit calories and fat

2.  Eat five small meals a day, starting with breakfast

3.  Monitor food intake

4.  Eat consistently throughout the year

5.  Limit restaurant meals

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EatoHealth - 5 Proven Ways to Lose Weight and Keep It Off
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