Health Benefits of Medicinal Teas [infographic]

Health Benefits of Medicinal Teas from Sayan Health
Health Benefits of Tea

Tea has been valued as having important health benefits and has been used as an herbal remedy (both internally and externally) to treat a wide array of ailments by various cultures for centuries, perhaps longer.

Certainly, green tea has become very popular for its many protective health benefits, including weight loss and healthy weight management.

What about other teas?

Medicinal Properties

Research suggests that many other teas also have valuable medicinal properties and natural, holistic medicine uses, as this Infographic illustrates:

✿ Black Tea
✿ Chaga Tea
✿ Chamomile Tea
✿ Hibiscus Tea
✿ Oolong Tea
✿ Pu-erh Tea
✿ Rooibos Tea
✿ White Tea


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Infographic Source, to view a full size version and more Information:
Sayan Health - Medicinal Teas Infographic:  Great Reasons to Widen Your Tea Horizon

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