Banana: Properties and Health Benefits [Infographic]

Bananas: Properties and Health Benefits Infographic
Lately, the trend has been to seek out exotic super fruits and other foods that promise recently discovered and amazing health benefits.  A perfect example is maca, mangosteen, acai and goji berries.

Yet, one of the most common, widely available and cheapest of the superfruits is often overlooked:  the humble banana.

Organic bananas are easily digestible, calorie dense, nutritional powerhouses, providing important vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and an array of health benefits, as this infographic illustrates.

Always choose organically grown over conventionally grown bananas and other fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds.

Mounting evidence suggests that organic produce is significantly richer in nutrients while being significantly lower in harmful, toxic pesticides.

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Infographic Source and More Information: - Banana, Properties and Health Benefits

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