Infographic: Six Super Spices

In many cultures throughout the world and throughout the ages, spices have been recognized and used as potent natural herbal medicine.

Ayurveda is no exception.  In fact, for thousands of years, many of the Ayurvedic health treatments and remedies are centered around the use of herbs and spices to prevent and/or treat various health conditions.

As modern science begins to catch up with "folk medicine", the health and healing benefits of various spices and herbs are being confirmed in an ever increasing number of studies.

This infographic illustrates six Ayurvedic "super spices", all of which we are now becoming familiar with in the West:
❤ Cinnamon
❤ Cumin
❤ Ginger
❤ Dried Red Pepper (flakes or powder)
❤ Nutmeg
❤ Turmeric

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Infographic Source: Unknown - please contact us for credit.
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