Infographic: 5 Herbs Your Liver Will Love

Infographic:  Herbs for Liver Health
With our daily contact with and exposure to chemicals and toxins in the environment, in our food and drinking water and in the personal hygiene and household products we use, it is especially important to regularly detoxify the liver.

A healthy liver is vital to good health because it is responsible for so many important metabolic processes in the body, including regulation of blood cholesterol levels and fat metabolism.

Poor liver function is linked to a variety of degenerative diseases and chronic conditions, including obesity and weight gain and weight loss difficulties.

Regular detoxification of the liver, kidneys and gall bladder are essential to weight loss and healthy weight management as well as to optimal health.  Studies have shown that certain herbs, spices and vegetables are very beneficial to proper liver function and can be powerful detoxifying agents.

This infographic entitled Five Herbs Your Liver will Love - Detox, Boost Function and More illustrates five herbs that are widely known and accepted as excellent natural remedies to detoxify, heal and promote healthy liver function:

✿ Artichokes
  • stimulates bile production
  • aids in regeneration
  • protects liver cells
✿ Burdock Root
  • strengthens the liver
  • protects against abnormal growths
  • blocks cellular damage
✿ Dandelion
  • aids in clearing liver congestion
  • stimulates liver function
  • excellent blood cleanser
✿ Milk Thistle
  • prevents absorption of toxins
  • protects liver cells
  • enhances regeneration
✿ Turmeric
  • reduces inflammation in the body, including the liver
  • blocks absorption of chemicals and toxins
  • is thought to kill liver cancer cells

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Infographic Source:  Natural News 

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