Infographic: Weight Loss 101 What's in a Pound?

It seems that we hear about a new diet, dietary aid or plan every day.

Many of  the most popular and trendy diets are very specific in terms of which foods can or cannot be eaten, in what combinations, when and how they must be prepared.  Additionally, there is a whole array of supplements and fat burners on the market that all promise to promote weight loss.

With so many different diets and approaches that are currently out there, its easy to not only become confused but also to get lost in the sea of often very conflicting information and forget the basics of weight loss.

This infographic entitled "Weight Loss 101 What's in a Pound?" explains some of the ABCs of weight loss.  That is:

A.   A pound of fat equals 3,500 calories;

B.   In order to lose weight, you must create a calorie deficit;

C.   A caloric deficit is created by decreasing the number of calories eaten or increasing the number of calories burned through physical activity and exercise.

The infographic also illustrates how many minutes of of walking or running it takes to burn off the calories in some common foods, such as pizza, donuts and chocolate bars.  Suggestions for dealing with cravings and cheating, as well as benefits of a regular fitness routine are also covered.

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Infographic Source Exercise TV (website has been shut down as of the date of this post)
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