Saturday, September 7, 2022

Infographic: World's Healthiest People

This really cool infographic examines and answers the question of who and where are the healthiest people in the world and how they got that way.

According to the infographic, the top five healthiest countries are:

1.  Iceland
2.  Japan
3.  Sweden
4.  New Zealand
5.  Finland

The infographic also spotlights the world's oldest man and woman and provides some tips on healthy lifestyle habits such as:

❤ Engaging in some form of daily activity or exercise, such as walking

❤ Knowing one's purpose to reduce stress and lower risk of disease

❤ Managing stress levels through meditation, bathing, vacations and engaging in hobbies

❤ Prioritizing sleep and getting enough rest

❤ Eating less processed food and instead, eating a diet rich in natural, fresh and locally grown or sourced foods

❤ Following the 80% eating rule

❤ Drinking plenty of clean water and herbal teas

❤ Drinking antioxidant-rich red wine in moderation

❤ Belonging to a healthy social network, one of the keys to reducing stress and healthful living

Why Eat the Ugly Apple?
Stress Relief Activities

Infographic Source:  Best Public Health Schools
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