Infographic: What is Yoga?

Yoga.  Everyone is doing it.

For many, it is a form of physical exercise -  the yoga postures ("asanas") are known to confer many fitness and health benefits.  For others, yoga a way of life that encompasses meditation, a spiritual practice and a dietary discipline.

This infographic illustrates the guiding principle and ultimate goal of a yoga practice - that is, to achieve a state of inner peace through the "divine union" of the mind, body and spirit.

The infographic also explains the following six traditional branches of yoga:

❤ Hatha Yoga
❤ Bhakti Yoga
❤ Raja Yoga
❤ Jnana Yoga
❤ Karma Yoga
❤ Tantra Yoga

Additionally, there are many traditional and modern styles or types of yoga that are being practiced worldwide today.   In the West, some of the popular styles include:

✿ Ashtanga
✿ Bikram
✿ Integral
✿ Kripalu
✿ Kundalini
✿ Power Yoga
✿ Restorative
✿ Vinyasa
✿ Yin Yoga

To help you figure out which yoga style is appropriate for you, take the Yoga Style Quiz.

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Infographic Source:  Piktochart

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